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Magical Girls Memoria

Awane KokoroAwane KokoroKagami MasaraKagami Masara

Memoria 1136 sAn Ordinary DayMemoria 1041 sA World Once EmptyMemoria 1138 sA Pleasant ImbalanceMemoria 1137 sUnexpected ReactionMemoria 1255 sThe Power to Protect Who You Love

Magical Girls

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Ultimate MadokaUltimate MadokaTamaki Iroha (Mizugi ver.)Tamaki Iroha (Mizugi ver.)Akemi Homura (Mizugi ver.)Akemi Homura (Mizugi ver.)Izumi KanagiIzumi KanagiAzusa MifuyuAzusa MifuyuYukino KanaeYukino KanaeAmano SuzuneAmano SuzuneYakumo MitamaYakumo MitamaMao HimikaMao HimikaKozue MayuKozue MayuAino MitoAino MitoAlina GrayAlina GrayRiz HawkwoodRiz HawkwoodTartTartMiki SayakaMiki SayakaKaname Madoka (Haregi ver.)Kaname Madoka (Haregi ver.)Holy MamiHoly MamiAmane TsukuyoAmane TsukuyoKazumiKazumiAwane KokoroAwane KokoroMisono KarinMisono KarinShizumi KonohaShizumi KonohaSakura KyoukoSakura KyoukoIsuzu RenIsuzu RenAkemi Homura (Megane ver.)Akemi Homura (Megane ver.)Kaname MadokaKaname MadokaKure KirikaKure KirikaMinami RenaMinami RenaTogame MomokoTogame MomokoTomoe MamiTomoe MamiRumor TsurunoRumor TsurunoAkino KaedeAkino KaedeMitsuki FeliciaMitsuki FeliciaMiyako HinanoMiyako HinanoNanami YachiyoNanami YachiyoYui TsurunoYui TsurunoAnna MeruAnna MeruNarumi ArisaNarumi ArisaShion ChisatoShion ChisatoAmi RiaAmi RiaMadoka-senpaiMadoka-senpaiIbuki ReiraIbuki ReiraMelissa de VignollesMelissa de VignollesAmane TsukasaAmane TsukasaMaki KaoruMaki KaoruMisaki UmikaMisaki UmikaEri AimiEri AimiYusa HazukiYusa HazukiAyano RikaAyano RikaChitose YumaChitose YumaChun MeiyuiChun MeiyuiKagami MasaraKagami MasaraMariko AyakaMariko AyakaMikuni OrikoMikuni OrikoTatsuki AsukaTatsuki AsukaTokiwa NanakaTokiwa NanakaKumi SeikaKumi SeikaFutaba SanaFutaba SanaMikuri AyameMikuri AyameHaruna KonomiHaruna KonomiHozumi ShizukuHozumi ShizukuKisaki EmiriKisaki EmiriKurumi ManakaKurumi ManakaMinagi SasaraMinagi SasaraNatsume KakoNatsume KakoShinobu AkiraShinobu AkiraUtsuho NatsukiUtsuho NatsukiYayoi KanokoYayoi KanokoTamaki IrohaTamaki IrohaKuroKuro




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The stage is the emerging city of Kamihama.

“Will you fight alongside me?”
The encounter of these girls will spin a new tale.

Guided by a mysterious power, magical girls gather in this city.
It’s a place where magical girls can continue to exist just as they are.
They fought with new powers granted to them by the witches.

“What’s happening… in this city…?”
Tamaki Iroha came to this town to look for her lost sister - Ui.
She joins other magical girls, and they begin to search for clues.

Eventually, Akemi Homura, a magical girl from Mitakihara city, also arrives in this town.

“If I solve the mystery of this town, I may be able to save Kaname-san…”

Then the magical girls of two towns cross, a new hope is born.




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Main Story Release Chapter 9

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