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Thank you very much for playing "Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden".

In commemoration of the release of "Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden", we plan to hold "Release Memorial Login Bonus".

By logging in every day, you can earn "Release Memorial Limited Home Costume Swimsuit Iroha".

◆ Release Memorial Login Bonus


25th August 2017 (Friday) 4:00 PM JST - 5th September (Monday) 11:59 PM JST


During the period, separate from regular login bonus, when you log in you will receive the following items every day:

Release Memorial Medal
Magia Stone
1x Release Memorial Medal 10x Magia Stone

If you log in every day for 12 days, you will get maximum of

・Release Memorial Medal: 12 pieces

・Magia Stone: 120 pieces

※About Release Memorial Medals, players who could not log in from the first day, we are preparing to earn even in the in game event "Mitama's special training with Tamaki Iroha" scheduled to start on Monday, August 28.

■ Notice on Release Memorial Login Bonus

・If there is a day you not logged in, you can not receive up to the above maximum number.

・About 8/25 (Friday): If you logged in before 16:00 and received a normal login bonus, please login again after 16:00 and receive the release memorial login bonus.

◆Shop (Release Memorial Medal)

You can exchange items, such as Iroha's costume [Swimming suit], with Release Memorial Medals.

■ Open Period

25th August 2017 (Friday) 4:00 PM JST - 11th September (Tuesday) 2:59 PM JST

■ Shop content

Release Memorial Medal 10 pieces: Clothes of Iroha [Swimsuit]

Release Memorial Medal 5 pieces: gacha ticket

Release Memorial Medal 3 pieces: AP recovery drug 1 piece

Release Memorial Medal 1 piece: 10000 CC


Since the "release memorial medal" can not be used after the end of the shop period, please exchanged all during the open period of the shop.

Please note that "Release Memorial Medals" that were not used within the period will be collected

Please note that there is a possibility of changing login bonus, shop specifications, schedule without notice.

Please note that the clothing of the Tamaki Iroha [swimsuit] may be resold and redistributed in the future.